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Macon Fire Department Equipment

Engine 1 is a Boardman pumper mounted on a 1977 Chevrolet chassis. It has a 1000gpm pump and a 500 gallon tank. Equipment includes 6 air packs with spare bottles for each, 14', 24', 35' and attic ladders, foam equipment, fans, chains and miscellaneous firefighting equipment. The engine is set up to run forward and reverse lays. This truck is primarily used as a reserve engine now.

Engine 2 is a Central pumper mounted on a 1963 Chevrolet chassis. It has a 750gpm pump and a 500 gallon tank. Equipment includes 2 airpacks with a spare bottles, equipment for natural cover firefighting, fan, chains, 14' and 35' ladders, hard suction hose and miscellaneous firefighting equipment. It's primary use is for mutual aid and natural cover fires.

Engine 3 is an Alexis pumper mounted on a 1998 HME SFO chassis. It has a 1750gpm pump with 750 gallons of water. Equipment includes 6 airpacks with spare airbottles, generator and light system, foam equipment, fans, ventilation saw, rescue equipment, 14', 35' and attic ladders and miscellaneous firefighting equipment. This is our primary engine.

Squad 4 is a Ford super duty chassis with a knapheid enclosed box mounted on it. This vehicle is a service company vehicle and is used for everything from daily maintenance to support at structure fires. Equipment we carry on it includes air packs, spare air bottles, cutting torch, ladder, generator, fire investigation equipment and other misc. items

Truck 5 is a Dodge Dakota 4 wheel drive pick-up truck.  We use this vehicle primarily for natural cover fire fighting.  Equipment carried on the vehicle includes a pump with a 60-gallon water tank, fire extinguisher, Stihl leaf blower, Stihl chainsaw, and water backpacks.

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